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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
Could some of the guys that are anti HOA give me a few things you do on/to your home that would not be permitted if you had a HOA?
1) i work outdoors in the heat, usually doing some sort of manual labor. almost 30 years of doing so has taken it's toll on my body so some weekends i either can't mow the yard, or i just flat out don't feel like it and it gets a little tall.

2) my mailbox is out by the main road. the main road is frequented by ****head teens and jackasses that love to bash mail boxes. after i replaced the 4th one i quit replacing them and started just beating the craters out of them with a ballpeen hammer. my mail box now looks like something out of a saw movie. and since the *******ed county loves playing musical road easments and moving it back and forth about every 30 seconds i'm not gonna waste the time and money building it out of brick, or having a custom welded out of steel.

3) sometimes i like working on my own truck. this sort of thing is sometimes messy and leaves stains. stains on the driveway don't bother me, i realize that is'a freaking driveway and not a dinner plate.

i just flat out don't like the idea of hoa's. the whole concept of a group of people having the ability to tell a man what he can or can't do to his own home and property based on ****** aesthetics offends me to my very core.

i will admit that the idea might help in health based cases where somebody is doing something that can physically spread to your property such as keeping an organic trash pile that attracts rodent and feral animals and such, but the other "rules" are pull bull****.
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