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Originally Posted by Knighj1 View Post
Live in one and love it personally. I like the fact that my neighbor can't have weeds 10 foot tall, or park cars in the yard, or let his house go to ****. You know, or should know going into it. If you don't like it, don't buy into the hood. I go in neighborhoods without it and think to myself this place would be a lot more appealing if they had one.

I don't want some hillbilly neighbor parking a giant RV next to his house or putting a stove in his front yard. Forcing everyone in an area to have a certain standard of construction and behavior ensures that your property value or quality of life probably won't be adversely impacted by a neighbor.

It's all a free market thing. You know that certain neighborhoods have covenants, and restrictions, and zoning, and HOA's. Find one that fits what you like to do.

If you want 20 junk cars in your yard, or a huge chicken coop, or an above-ground pool, or whatever - God bless you. Just make sure you find a home in an area where these things are not an issue.

I've found that ECONOMICS is usually better at limiting your neighbor's actions that any HOA or zoning. Higher priced areas tend to attract people that understand social normality standards and expectations of neighbors. NOTE: I am not saying 'better' people. Just people that understand the things I mentioned and are willing to spend time & money to meet a certain standard of house/yard construction and maintenance.

Otherwise, you face 'social sanctions'. For instance, if I don't put in my garbage can the same day the garbage gets picked up, it gets PUT back in magically.... That's not someone being nice. It's a neighbor silently reminding me that the neighborhood policy says I have one day to put my ****ing can in.
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