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Originally Posted by HKLovingIT View Post
Some starting points.

Do you have one where you live?

No, but I work for a property management company right now, they manage HOAs

Are you for or against them?

I'm for them, however I would never want to own in one unless it was a rental property.

Have you ever had a dispute with one? What happened?
Gonna let this one slide

Is any regulation they come up with fair game since the home buyer agreed?

Yes, it's fair game that's why when looking at a home in a HOA you really should talk to the president of the board at the very least.

Communist plot or free market in action?

No plot it's a democracy for the most part, setup so that the homeowners have a voice and the board is supposed to vote on behalf of there beliefs and the community.

Do you think they in some way violate your property rights or not?

Yes they do, but you sign a contract when you move in, so you have notice of what's expected.

Here's my look at HOAs.
1. Great if its a second property you spend little time at or a rental property. They keep you up to date on local things, some places are all common area and your duties as landscaping can be nothing.
2. You know that 99% of the homes are gonna be on a set standard.
3. Good for single mothers or less than handy couples.
4. Quality of HOA depends on original board and how the governing rules were written.
5. A crap board can keep things from getting done and a self managed HOA can be very bad.
6. Usually come with common area and utilities for the people, like a pool, playground, etc.
7. Promotes social interaction between kids or no kids to worry about.
8. Great if you have time to invest in it, but not to good if you like to be left alone.
9. If your into tinkering and having toys and having fun. Stay far away

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