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Originally Posted by harrygunner View Post
So re-silvering (rebuilding) a RAID group after a drive failure requires nearly the number read/writes as the drives are spec'ed for.
Sorry, but you have no idea WTF you're you're talking about. I've rebuilt my RAID after failure about a dozen times, 5 and 6,
there's no way possible that it's even coming close to wearing out the drives.

Tape drives cost a bit, but you can store multiple copies off-site and recover data much faster than over Internet.
Tape!?! TAPE ?!!? Sorry bro, you're stuck in the last century. Tape drives are beyond dead tech.

As far as hardware RAID controllers, the main downside is if anything proprietary is written by the controller and either that version becomes unavailable or the company goes out of business, you'll have trouble if the controller fails.
At least you got one thing right.

Which is why I recommend software RAID. You give up a little performance, which most of us never notice, and gain the comfort of never having to rely on hardware that will likely be obsolete and difficult to replace when it fails. I've had hardware that I need go obsolete then fail so many times it isn't even funny. We still use 1gb PCMCIA cards at work that are stupid expensive compared to modern tech but we can't change because they're TSO'd.
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