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What would I gain from a "real" RAID?

I know "fake" software RAIDs are laughed at in the IT community, but I have been happy with mine (4 drives in RAID10, Intel ICH10R). It had adequate speeds and no noticeable CPU load. The array properly rebuilt itself when I faked a drive failure.

Now I am planning to build another computer, so I have the following choices in storage configuration:

1. Intel motherboard with software 3Gb/s RAID;

2. A $300 more expensive Asrock motherboard with "half-hardware" 6Gb/s LSI SAS2308 onboard controller;

3. A separate "half-hardware" RAID controller (which one?);

4. A real hardware RAID controller (does not fit my budget).

So, which option should I choose, and what exactly will I gain from a better RAID controller? I am planning to use the machine for video editing and light gaming (think Starcraft, not Halo 6).
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