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Originally Posted by Bill Powell View Post
Oh, I don't know. I bought a 68 Dodge Dart 340 six pack and 4 speed, It would run right at 12 flat in the quarter in the mid teens. The front end was loose so it cornered kind of twitchy. I paid 175 dollars for it.
Please share the details of the rear suspension, rear end gearing, wheels and tires, and transmission.

Plus, whatever was done to the engine, and power out-put.

I ask because, stock, 1968 340 Darts were 15.2 second 1/4 mile cars. So, unless the car you're speaking of had some serious power and traction improvements, the 1/4 mile times you've quoted are incorrect.

Hell, the 440 GTSs only did 13.3 second 1/4 mile times.
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