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Originally Posted by 69HEMI-R/T View Post
......a 2 to 3 year old car was certainly cheap enough and you could work on them yourself.....but how many do you see in teenage of early '20 year old hands with someone "souping" them up in their driveway?
Current muscle cars are even easier to work on.

Long-tube headers, performance cats, axle-back exhaust, X and H pipes, intake/CAI systems, are all very easy to install. If I added a super-charger and up-graded fuel injectors (or any other combo of performance up-grades), tuning the engine is simply a matter of having Bamatunes e-mail me the proper tune, and me loading it into the car.

Hell, I could have one of 9 different tunes on my car in 10 or so minutes from now.

Then there are all of the suspension, wheel & tire, and brake system up-grades, plus the usual LSDs and drive-shafts and such.

And sorry to say, but 20 somethings are not anymore likely to have a real muscle car now, than they were back in the 1960s. It's not a question of age, but money.

Modern cars are actually very easy to work on. The death of the carb has been a blessing, with tuning a car to run correctly with after-market up-grades a simple matter of a down-load.
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