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Originally Posted by SGT278ACR View Post
One thing is for certain... right, wrong or indifferent... if Z gets acquitted, found not guilty, etc... there will be civil unrest somewhere over it.
I worry if it's a hung jury.. he's not gonna have the money/stamina to fight again, and might take some ridiculous plea that avoids prison/jail time.

This of course, will also result in rioting. Like I said earlier, if you guys live in the area, I'd have 3-5 days of supplies on hand when jury deliberations start. If he is acquitted, I think it's going to be absolute chaos.

Originally Posted by GioaJack View Post
The fire is no longer my major concern since I am leaving immediately on an unexpected road trip to Indianapolis. Watch the national news over the next couple of days, I'll wave... well, only if I'm cuffed in the front.
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