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I thought we should start a thread to discuss the trial as it proceeds. I live in Orlando and have been watching for the past 2 days.

I feel that Zimmerman's Lawyers appear to be disorganized and incompetent!

The Opening statement by Don West was far to long and detailed. He opened with a friggin' Knock-knock joke! IN A MURDER TRIAL!?! He then droned on for 3 hours citing far too much detail for an opening statement. His delivery is monotonous, tedious and contains far too many long pauses (while he collects his thoughts). He stammered and backtracked. Horrible to watch!

They ended the day yesterday contesting the admission of evidence of Zimmerman's previous non-emergency calls... AFTER they were already in the middle of testimony. Z's attorney's should have already known whether they wanted that admitted or not.

At this point, it doesn't look good for Zimmerman. Of course that could change, but his lawyers don't seem all that organized or competent to me. JMO
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