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Originally Posted by frank4570 View Post
I had to googe what a MANPAD even is, that tells you how familiar I am with them.
So, why could it not have been a MANPAD?

DISREGARD. You answered the question while I was typing it.
There was not a system in place at the time, that could have made that shot. ACFT was too high to engage, was moving too fast to engage, and the damage to the target aircraft, was too great for a shoulder launched missile to inflict, even if it could hit.

Today, only the very best MANPADs can fly high enough to make that hit possible, and that system didn't come online until nearly 10 years later. Not to mention, it still wouldn't address several other issues.

Its just outside the limitations of a MANPAD to make that shot. Didn't and couldn't happen.
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