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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
The stuff that I have read about the G36 suggests that the few that have problems seem to have the problems from the start as opposed to others such as the G19 in which people have reported the first ~thousand rounds to be fine before "it" starts.

I do not think I have heard anyone reporting any of the current issues with the G39 (from the dozen or so sold in the last couple years.)
Yes, I am aware that the 9mm guns may not become quirky until many rounds have gone downrange. For many shooters, that may never happen. They shoot a box every couple of months and call it good.

And, yes, that's the thing with the 33 and 39. There aren't a lot of them out there so the sample size is limited.

As to subcompacts, I am truly torn. I would consider the G26 for reduced recoil, the G27 because I reload .40 for my wife, the G33 for no particular reason except the shape of the cartridge should preclude certain types of jams and the G39 because I load .45 ACP by the dumpster load. Resetting the dies to .45 GAP shouldn't be a problem.

I have to toss the G26 because it is a late model Gen 3 9mm and probably the G33 because, well, just because. That leaves the G27 and G39 as viable candidates. The G27 gets a lot of heat from new shooters due to recoil but I can't imagine the G39 being any less. And I'm not a new shooter.

The slide on the G39 is fatter than the G27 but the overall width of the guns is identical according to Glock.

I suppose I'll go with what I know and buy the G27 but I'll always wonder about the G39. Or maybe I'll buy them both, over time.

I continue to be perplexed by the sporadic report of Glock replacing a gun. I wonder if they really cannot get it to work properly, or are afraid that the fix is to replace the slide and that might cause an avalanche, or are they simply trying to pacify a "difficult" customer.
I don't know how that works out. I'm please that Glock Customer Service is so responsive but concerned that they need to be.

I'm also convinced that many of the purported problems are due to wimpy ammo and marginal shooters. Not all the problems, but many.

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