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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post

I waited 2 years before I bought my G36 and I find that with full power ammo, everything works fine. But it was a gamble! And I still only have a couple of hundred rounds through it... Sometimes the issues don't show up until there's a thousand rounds or so through the gun.

I'm still considering a G39 knowing full well that it would be another gamble. ...


The stuff that I have read about the G36 suggests that the few that have problems seem to have the problems from the start as opposed to others such as the G19 in which people have reported the first ~thousand rounds to be fine before "it" starts.

I do not think I have heard anyone reporting any of the current issues with the G39 (from the dozen or so sold in the last couple years.)

I continue to be perplexed by the sporadic report of Glock replacing a gun. I wonder if they really cannot get it to work properly, or are afraid that the fix is to replace the slide and that might cause an avalanche, or are they simply trying to pacify a "difficult" customer.
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