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Originally Posted by WayaX View Post
As far as I'm concerned, after my experience with Streamlight (excellent customer service, very crappy product) I will never buy from them again. Inforce's offerings are new, and are looking pretty good. If you can swing it, get a Surefire, otherwise take a chance on the Inforce.

The Insight WX150 is an excellent weapon light as well, rivaling Surefire for quality at $100.00 less!

Here's a pic comparing the WX150's predecessor, the XTI Procyon with a SureFire X200B...

Last I examined the different brands in 2008, the Surefire and Insight models appeared to be more "hardened" than the TLR models were. Performance-wise, all three worked great! Certainly, all were plenty bright for in-home use!


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