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Originally Posted by clarson_75 View Post
thanks for those examples. they both look like they will work. Glockster James, i'm not looking for a dedicated pistol light. like i said before, i want something with a quick attachment so i can carry it in my pocket and use it when i need it. If a situation would ever arise where i felt the need to draw my gun, i could just snap it on the rail and keep both hands on the grip.
Didn't mean dedicated as in permanent attached. Dedicated as in that's the purpose of a weapon mount light, designed to be weapon mounted, not hand held, though it can be used that way (hence the reason I suggested what I did). If you research the Surefire X300 you'll find that it's one of the best slide on/off lights out there. TLR series are great too for the money, but you've got to tighten them down (using up even more time in a gun fight). Never tried the one from Blackhawk because for the money you can get better and brighter lights.

For what it's worth, there is a reason people run their guns with a light attached constantly or they use a hand held light instead.

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