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Originally Posted by dougader View Post
Small shop in town has most everything, but at high prices. I walked out. Who's to say if it's gouging? He may very well have had to pay high prices to keep it on his shelves. But $44 for 50 rounds of 45 fmj is too rich for my blood.
Yeah, dude. Don't pay that. They are getting their ammo from suppliers, and there is no way they paid that. If I owned a gun shop and had to pay that kind of price to keep my shelves stocked, I would camp out at walmart and call 6 friends every time ammo came in. And then, I would have something for my customers to buy when they come in to buy other stuff. It would also go far to keep customers happy, even if it is one box. If my LGS would have a limit one box to routine faces, I would be more than happy with that, and I would buy even more other stuff from them. But if I have to pay almost a hundred bucks for 100 rounds of .45 fmj, I would seriously consider if I ever shopped there again.

Through all this, there are quite a few places that will never get my business again. I never ordered from cheaper than dirt, but that's one place that will never in the future either.

I have already provided ammo to friends at work recently at the same price I paid. Right now, even if it is a caliber or amount I don't need, I pick it up and just get it for friends. I have passed on additional stock of 9mm to pick up 380 and 40 for friends. Ammo will be back soon, and nobody will need to come to me for it. I'm also not doing anything special. I'm just checking one place on my way home from work. The only times I call the wife or family is if there is a good supply of something rare.
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