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Guys, right now, ammo is NOT available to just walk in and buy on the shelves in the big box stores. I am finding LGS's, however, do have ammo. The LGS on average are at least 25% higher than the Walmarts and Academy. People just don't want to pay the higher price in excess, so they leave some on the shelf. At wal-mart, if they see a desired caliber, they will call their wives, friends, co-workerst, etc. until it is gone. It's just that simple. There is a mentality right now to buy to the max on everything at the cheaper stores.

For example, let's take the 9mm 50 count Federal rounds as a benchmark. This is what you have:

Wal-mart -- $12 plus tax
LGS (my local) -- $16 plus tax
Academy -- $14 plus tax
Online sellers (gunbroker, armslist, or any local add) -- $20
Gun shows -- $20

Right now, the cheap guys are wiped out, but I can go into the LGS, more often than not, and see the $16 boxes. For me to buy 100 rounds from them, I am looking at $35 for 100 rounds out the door. To get the cheap walmart ammo, you really have to catch them in the evening when it first comes off their trucks. To get the cheap Academy ammo, you have to get their on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 8:00 AM when they open. There is no other way around it. Right now, it is not an ammo shortage. It is a few people in a panic frenzy, and a group of folks who are turning a profit by waiting in line at the big box stores and then dumping it online or at a gun store for a profit.

It's similar to a market bubble. These guys are dumping money in as long as the panic is here. Until this stops, their supplier (wal-mart, academy, etc.) will keep them in business, and the consumer is left to buy the market price ammo. I simply will not spend over $30 for 100 rounds of 9mm target ammo. So, I will buy my boxes from the cheap if and when I stumble on it. Lucky for me, I pass a WM on my way home from work every day right at the time the ammo comes off the truck. I'm in a fortunate situation for cheap ammo. Today is Sunday and I am not even attempting to go to Bass Pro Shops, etc. and look for any potential ammo on the shelves because I absolutely will not find it at any reasonable price.

BTW, I do see the Tula steel cased crap staying on the shelf at wal-mart. I have bought a bunch of it in .223 because it was $5/box. However, I'm probably going to start turning it down soon. I really need .223, but I need it for reloading. 2 months ago, you couldn't find any type of .223 round to save your soul.
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