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Sexy-looking 870P. If any LGS's around me got one, I'd probably have to buy it.

Originally Posted by collim1 View Post
As much as I hate what Freedom Group has done to Remington, I can't help but love their guns.
I have to agree there. I'm not happy with the fact that I really have to even ask "how are they", but I love many Remington designs, and the 870 is my favorite shotgun action around. So it would take a lot for me to ditch them. My Express (HD) from 2011 has been good ever since I upgraded the Carrier Dog Follower Spring. It's my baby, so if I ever were left with one, that'd be it. But I'll probably not buy another Express. It didn't take much extra time to save for the difference between it and the WM/P models.

Also, I found that the rib was off-center by just a few mm (can tell from where it meets up with the receiver). I called Remington, and they've got a new barrel on the way, for free. So QC may not be what it once was, but their customer service did a great job.
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