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Originally Posted by deerslayer01 View Post
Please elaborate on this because I have always been left eye dominant but right hand shooter. What were you going to suggest to help with that. I have had some problems at times with shooting low and left and just attributed it to bad trigger slap.
If the OP isn't sure about his dominant eye, he could try doing the old "make a triangle with two hands and stare at something far off while slowly moving your hands toward your face..." The eye your hands end up centered over is your dominant eye.

I am in this same boat, left handed but right eye dominant (cross dominant freaks). I find it easiest to shoot with both eyes open, which takes some practice to get used to but is better tactically.

Once you know how to aim for your body...The diagnostic target posted above is a great help to figuring out what to work on. As suggested, slow down and move up. In extreme cases you might want to move to a lower caliber. Once everything works right increase distance and speed.

You might also find this useful, as a good reference on "equal hight, equal light" suggested above:

Good luck!

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