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Short answer, it wont. It is as cheap today as it will ever be. In case you haven't noticed we are at war. Our leader, via FEMA, ordered/purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, ordered/purchased 2700 armored vehicles, fast and furious cover up, releases thousands of deportable alien criminals amongst us, ordered/purchased 7,000 AR platform rifles, but they called them Personal Defense Weapons, not assault rifles, and now with Bengazi and the IRS and the AP scandals, we are doomed. I heard 35 states have pending lawsuits against the US government, and on top of all this pile of manure, we have a horrible economy. Almost as if history is about to repeat itself over state's rights. Our leader has amassed an armed, standing army, aka FEMA, just waiting on an order from above declaring martial law. Say your prayers and prepare to defend yourselves ladies and gentlemen. The game has changed.
As goes my county sheriffs, so go I. I would rather live in a Rictatorship than with Obamunism.
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