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+JackMac. Your opinion is taking form today as well as the last 4yrs! This country has done an about face in regards to anything that makes our Government stay working, and pays its way.

I also have seen your feelings about the attempt to rob us all of Second Amendment rights(limiting guns, background checks, magazine capacity, etc)and I feel it is baloney.

We are arming, prepping, training, and praying not to wage an internal war within our lands, but as a hunter, retired Law Enforcement Officer, and father, I smell something coming. My LEO experience has taught me "Spidey Sense", and it is not good for right now. Best to heed your advice, get it done, it's coming.

Tried to explain this to my Brother In Law, he is overwhelmed with Electronic Trivia toys(cell phones, sat TV, "Call of The Wildman"), buys for today only, no backup, barely has a flashlight(no spare batterys). He is a hunter, but is missing the point. You won't have a store within 20 miles open if the country takes a dump. It's on you, and only you to make things happen.

Don't want to see anything occur, again praying for peace and the positive outlook for my life. My rural living style never meant carrying a 1911A to go get a gallon of milk till the last five years or so. So, I do, and stay mum and still say "please and thank you, and "Yes Sir/Maam" as my parents taught us. Good Luck Texan, you have a Hoosier with you!
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