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Long time ago there was this martial arts near by called 'Wido Ki', or something like that.

Their paraphernalia spoke of how you did not need guns or knives and that Wido Ki would to it all to protect you.

Yes, like the Kung Fu show you didn't need weapons and this self defense way was supposed to defeat all your enemies (singly or in groups.)

Now at that time I was a 3ed dan, Tae Kwon Do, and into boxing as well as IPSC and a graduate of a few gun schools. So I guess I was skeptical when I went there and watched the class (BTW... all three Grand Masters, Korean ones at that, I've been under in TKD owned guns, they were no fools.)

Well the Wado Ki school was a kiddie school. They said size and strength does not matter. Yea right.

Ok so anyway I watched for half an hour, with no sweat coming off their brows, and then they did their self defense thing. Krav Maga they were not.

So I left before they did their spring thing.

Now I love the martial arts, and I know several individuals in it that would do well on the street IF their opponents were dumb enough to get close before using a gun on them. Some of them can fight! They punch and kick very hard and are quick. But every one of them knows hands and feet have limited utility when weapons are present.

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