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Originally Posted by Choppedlow View Post
Good deal on not having to trim the brass. I got the setup to do .223 as well, and everything I read about that starts with brass length. Makes me feel better! I have the case gauge I got from Dillon, but I use my barrel as far as checking the crimp. It can fit in the gauge and be tight in the barrel, but I do check length and make sure that my primers are all seated correctly.
Make certain you DON'T crimp! For the .40, all you want to do is close up the case mouth. You should NOT be indenting the bullet. This will be critical for plated bullets where a crimp can strip off the jacket and leave it in the barrel.

Yes, the .223 IS about trimming. Look into the RCBS X-DIE. In princple, you trim the case one time only to minimum. Then you use the X-Die for resizing and it doesn't allow the case to expand.

I hope you have a case gauge for the .223 because headspacing and case length are very important.


Thanks for the help, everyone! I am going to make some faster loads with the longshot and see if its better with the plated bullets. The Hodgdon data magazine has the loads starting at 6.5 and goes up to 8.0! Max load in Hornady is 4.8 to 7.5. I think maybe using the ranges chrono with some 5.9 might be a good idea. All we do is shoot 15-25yrd at the range or some steel targets if its not 120 outside. And I'm cheap, so the more rounds I get out of a pound the better!
I don't know which brand of plated bullets you are using but go to the manufacturer's site and read what they have to save about velocity. There is usually a limit somewhere around 1000 fps. That's pretty fast for a .40 but I am trying to get to 990 fps to match a duty load.


And thanks for the heads up with the Redding resizing die. I read everything I could find before I did this and came across that the .40's like to bulge with Glocks in two books. Run them till they split! Sounds good to me! I collect my brass and have different bins for how many times each has been reloaded.
I used to be organized. Now I just dump them in a big bucket. Brass is brass. Shoot it till you lose it.

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