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Basically what everyone has said so far. If you have a probably adjusted sizing die? A gen 3 or 4 Glock and if the sized case will fit in the case gauge. You do not net the Redding G-RX die. And in most cases you donít need the G-RX for even the latter model Glocks. I never did. I also have the Redding G-RX and it was a waste of money.
As for treating the 40 brass the same as rifle. No you do not need to trim brass. But if you have carbide dies you do not need to lube the cases. Even thought a lot of people do. If just makes sizing the brass easier on you and on the press. I would use Hornady one shot. Or the Lee mixed with alcohol. A lube that you do not have to remove after loading. Also you donít have to lube every case. Put half the cases in a zip Lock bag spray into the bag close shake the brass around. Open the bag and spray again and shake. Open the bag and let it sit for a couple of minutes then mix them in with the other half of the brass that you are going to be loading. I spray the side of the bag and not directly onto the brass. But if does not hurt if the spray gets inside of the case.
If you use fast burning powder. Make sure you look inside each and every case after the powder charge for the right amount of powder. Either no powder or a double charge. A good light shining inside the case helps. I recommend this one.
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