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Some .40 Specific Info Needed

I am new to the reloading game. I received my Dillon 550 and dies a month ago and have been pumping out ammo as fast as we as a family can shoot. A few random questions I haven't gotten very clear answers for, some specifically for the .40.

Why does the molly coated lead bullets smoke and stink when the plated ones don't? I got a bunch of the Bear Creek 180FP when I knew I was going to reload because its all I could find, and since have purchased plenty of plated 180 FP. Using the Hornady manual, I've done the exact same 5.3 grain (Longshot) loads with both, and the Bear Creek flat out smoke! I was a little thrown back when the plated bullets acted like run of the mill ones we were paying $25 per box. And I am really liking this load in my 27,22 and 35.

With the molly coated I was told to not worry about them unless I was loading them hot and was melting the coating. This sound right? He owns the gun store and is pretty competitive with 3 gun, thus I took his word. I went up to 5.9 (Hornady book again) and they kicked, smoked and it looked like soot in the barrel after 200 rounds. I cleaned barrel after each 200, by the way.

Primers. My wife found 4000 Remington Small Pistol and 1500 CCI. I can't tell the difference, can any of you? I've seen Wolf primers come up for sale. Are they worthwhile? If it goes "bang", it is good?

Powder. I wrote down every brand listed in the Hornady book in my phone and purchased the first one I saw, Longshot. I wanted TightGroup, but it seems that so does everyone else. What would be the general 'go to' powder for .40? In this climate I'm just happy I got anything. But when powder becomes available again I would like to try others.

Brass. How many times can you use the .40 with Glocks. I've read that Glocks are hard on .40 brass and that I should buy the Redding reforming die, or is it even needed? Do you ever need to resize the brass like with rifle? What is a good number of times you can reuse .40 brass?

And as far as reloading goes, it is relaxing and hopefully it will pay for itself. It's been an information overdose this last six months for sure! Thanks for any info or input in advance. In the end I have settled on 5.3 Longshot with the plated 180gr FP. Thanks again!
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