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Originally Posted by clarson_75 View Post
. One question I have is, is it just large pistol or is it magnum primers?
10mm takes a standard large pistol primer.

Originally Posted by clarson_75 View Post
. I see a lot of people talk about 800-x for 10mm. Is that the best powder for 10mm?
You see a lot of people on this forum who are working up hot loads that like 800-X. It seems to be one of the powders that can get the highest velocities out of 10mm.
If you're just loading for target practice, I have gotten exceptional accuracy from loads at the lower end of the spectrum. Hot loads just make me flinch. If I want to feel the water condense out of the air in front of my face, I take my .44 Magnum to the range on a rainy day. I typically use Unique for my 10mm loads. But, like 800-X, it's not the best metering powder.
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