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My serious weapon light dilemma

I have been seriously looking into buying a weapon light for my G22. Its come down to the TLR 1 or the Inforce APL. At this point my main concern is the light output. 300 lumen LED compared to 200 lumen LED. The Inforce is less lumens but more money whereas the TLR 1 is slightly less ($20). Price isnt really the problem. The light output is what concerns me. Is an extra 100 lumens gonna make it too bright? Yeah I said it, too bright is actually a concern. Which is the main reason why Im not just going for the 630 lumen HL.

Which light is going to give me a clearer/cleaner picture? This is something I have not been able to get a good answer on by doing a bunch of research.

Has anyone tried both and compared the two?
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