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Originally Posted by Bob Hafler View Post
Man if that bothers you, I can only imagine what slight (seam) mold imperfections on the frame must do? Sorry to hear about your illness. But really dude it's just a pistol, There are many like it. and it's not a new Corvette or Cobra. Instead of getting all OCD over the looks, why not really enjoy it for it's intended propose and go shoot the hell out of it. Or will the GSR on the end of the barrel and frame send you completely over the top? I promise, if you do shoot it and get real good groupings with it you'll enjoy getting OCD over those results more then you will the pistol itself.
Don't know whether to say 'thanks' or what. It depends on what your motive was when you took (what looks to me) like a cheap shot masquerading as advice. It comes across as a morally superior tone, but for what? To tell me what I already know -- that the defect is small and doesn't affect the function of the gun? I know that. But if you weren't going to contribute to the solution -- telling me where to find a blank plug -- why say anything at all? To make me look stupid, I guess.

But, advice about what I should be concerned with noted, thanks.
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