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bug out

The realistic scenarios: 1. tsunami. In which case I can go up the hill another 200 feet in about 5 minutes; 2. fire. I do have a manual sprinkler system on the roofs of the house and garage that might fail.

Otherwise, I am always in a survival mode.

Today. 1. Time Warner phone out for two days. Two native English speaking technical support people who were of no assistance whatsoever. REplaced the first modem by driving to company. Technician coming by at 1 p.m. I got the system re-running, but the modem does not have a battery as displayed in the youtube video. Says a lot that you have to rely upon youtube.
2. Day 2 of waiting for the final parts to complete home repair of dishwasher. If you guys think that you will simply go to the corner hardware store, a specialty repair store or going on line, you absolutely dead wrong. The machine is only 4 years old.
3. Day 4 of trying to get the technical support information. I need sae 5 oil for a hydraulic floor jack. NO information on fluid containers at the auto repair stores. Gunk did not respond to email, fax machine was down at Gunk, technical support guys had disappeared at 3 p.m. Eastern Time from North Carolina location. Don't feel like buying on line and paying for shipping.

Remember this, all you computer warriors. Behind every SF guy is a supply line of close to 20 people. When shtf and you have to bug out, you are on your own. If you think that your kid who won't even take out the trash or your wife who refused to go camping in the past is going to be of assistance, you are wrong. Bugging out is that last resort. IF you don't don't have a go bag in the hall closet and another in the trunk of the car, you aren't going to bug out.
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