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Originally Posted by Doc McGlock View Post
Who would have thought this topic so complicated? Is it me being stupid or is it really this difficult?

Under $ 300-350
No longer multi-shot
Break-barrel OK
Scope preferable
Gas piston preferred
No sloppy triggers
Relative accuracy
Fun to shoot
Quiet would be great! I've got lots of room but really don't want to PO any neighbor.
It is as difficult or as easy as you would like it to be. Remember you are buying a rifle. If has all the issues as buying a cartridge firearm and it appears that you don't have a background in airguns. So this is all new to you.

For your price range, RWS 34. .22 will be quieter and more of a hunter than the .177.

For me, I would invest a little more and get the RWS 48 in .22. I just don't like break barrels. I want a scope and don't want to be messing with the barrel so I get the MOST accurate setup I can.
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