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Originally Posted by The_Gun_Guru View Post
Two places I HATE to shop in let alone walk into:

Wal-Mart and Walgreens

For some reason they have the most braindead liberal morons on the planet working there. I guess they weren't smart enough to work at McDonald's!

I ONLY go to Wal-Mart for ammo!




Glad I don't shoot my 1911 very often!
I couldn't agree more! I spent 60$ at Walgreens on random bathroom stuff and batteries the other day. Only to have my 2 20's and 2 10's checked with an ink pen for counterfeit. I asked if things have really gotten that bad and was told yes and received a dirty/suspicious look. F that place, I wont be returning. Not to mention 2 weeks ago there was a pile of used hypodermic needles in the parking lot where kids from 3 local schools pass through at 2:30. I reported the needles to the police and blocked them with my truck till they arrived.

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