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Wow, folks,! I am now overwhelmed! Who would have thought this topic so complicated? As much as the Beeman R9 is beautiful, I just can't justify spending upwards of $600 for an air rifle?

I have read nothing but trouble around Gamo Whisper line with scope problems and PCP seem to be a bit of over kill. (Pardon the pun!) and costs!

Then the battle over .177 vs .22, noise, barrel droop, good bad great, best ammo.......?

Is it me being stupid or is it really this difficult? Why does the saying about opinions come to mind? Maybe I should first thank all of you for your input. I really do respect this forum's opinions above all of the rest of the Internet!

However, it seems that buying a backyard practice, in between range time filler, can piercing, target blasting and don't tell my lady,........ squirrel violators digging my plants up, moving targets, has become a near impossible task.

I've done my primal scream! Maybe I can now refine my original post. Thanks guys! I really do appreciate your input.

Under $ 300-350
No longer multi-shot
Break-barrel OK
Scope preferable
Gas piston preferred
No sloppy triggers
Relative accuracy
Fun to shoot
Quiet would be great! I've got lots of room but really don't want to PO any neighbor.

Any takers?......... Thanks in advance!

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