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I was over the ammo limit today

Today while shopping I made the usual detour through the ammo aisle. Couldn't believe it when I saw 13 boxes of 500 count 45 auto. 3 big signs, limit 1. It was the only thing I brought to the cashier. 50something lady scans it. Looks at her screen. Looks at the label on the box and asks me if there are 45 in there. For some reason I quickly knew what was going on and the limited intellect I was dealing with. Not wanting to use a big words, I answered that 45 was the size and there were 500 in the box. She called the front end manager over and asked her what to do. Manager explained to her that the entire box was considered qty 1. Mrs. Einstein thought I was 499 over my limit of 1. I'm still laughing on the inside.
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