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I've had a Glock 26 since 2005. For five and a half of those years it has been my only daily carry gun. I have a stock flush fitting 10 round mag, one with the GAP ledge that was linked above, a +0 Pearce pinky extension and a +2. I also have plenty of 15 and 17 round magazines (and a G19 I've had since 2009).

I primarily carry with the +0 extension, but I do often use the GAP baseplate from concealablecontrol as well. The most noticeable difference I see is in the draw, although follow up shots do seem to be faster (haven't tested enough with the timer to quantify it).

This inevitably turns into a discussion about "why put an extension on a sub compact instead of just getting a compact?".

Well, in my (extensive) experience, a sub (like a G26) with a +0 pinky extension carries/conceals better than a compact (like a G19). It's very easy to grow a sub, but not so easy to shrink a compact.

Bottom line:
If I could only have one gun, it would be a Glock 26. For my birthday later this year I am fairly certain I will be getting a second Glock 26. The G19 is nice, but it cannot do what the G26 can...while the G26 can (basically) do what the G19 does.
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