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Originally Posted by FireForged View Post
Good idea Dave, I tried to find our old BOB pic thread from 2008 but the search came up with nadda.

Energy: Datrex food brick (16 bars), 90oz water

Environment: French shelter (half), 1 light gortex poncho, 1 space blanket, gloves, cap(summer) beanie(winter), boots, wool socks.

Enemy: CZ P07 duty (1 extra mag)

Injury: personal IFAK

Utility: 1 emerson folding knife, 1 RAT RC5 fixed blade, 100' 550 cord, 4ft speed tape, (2) fenix torches, batteries, water filter, 3 bic lighters, 1 firesteel, tinder, USGI canteen cup w/ integral stove, metal spork, warrior wipes, gerber hatchet, USAF sewing kit, trench scope.
I recognize the Gerber Parabellum knife in one of your photos. I have the same knife and it is excellent! They don't make them anymore and you'd pay a pretty penny to buy a used one these days. Very strong blade and the sheath is really cool the way you can have different carry options.
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