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Kifaru Spike Camp.
Hennesey Hammock.
Poncho liner.
Jetboil stove.
Bic lighter / Ferro rod and fire starter.
3 dehydrated meals 2 bottles of water.
Camelbak water bladder.
Katadyn Mini filter/Chlorine tabs.
OTC/Gauze/Tape/Pressure Dressing/Tourniquet/Moleskin
1911/3Mags BHK PL2 fixed blade, Spyderco Military, Leatherman.
Compass, maps, hat, socks, gloves, passport, Surefire, bug repellent, spork.
Sappers Forward
841st Eng (Cbt/Hvy) 81ARCOM, 84th Eng (Cbt/Hvy) 2ACR, 40th Eng (Mech) 1AD, 588th Eng (Mech) 4ID

Evan Farley
WQUZ848 - ZA
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