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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
You still have to be able to reject the null hypothesis. That is the problem with most of these studies.

I would actually bet that most of the reduction in deaths has resulted from safer cars. Wrecks that used to kill people dont any more.

But again, I can show that concurrently with raising speed limits deaths have went down so can it be said that raising speed limits will result in fewer deaths.

Its showing causation that is hard.

Many of these "stats" make the giant leap that X is caused by Y and you are to just believe it. X may be caused by B but since the author doesnt like Y and Y changed during the time period, authors assign Y as the cause.
That's exactly what I was going to post. The % of alcohol related deaths remains the same or similar, the overall deaths go down. Obviously it wasn't due to alcohol laws.
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