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Interesting stats, Dana. But lower is lower, right? What if the things are concurrent. I get your point that we can't know just from the stats. More research needed. My anecdotal, SWAG thought is that 1.4, 0.08, .05 - it's all about GETTING CAUGHT not about killing someone.

Funny aside - there's a sign nearby that talks about 90% of all forest fires are started by people. I told my kids, "Good luck ever making that a smaller #." If we cut man-made FF in half, you are still talking 82%. Cut it by 3/4, still 69%. Until 90% of man-made FF are eliminated, it won't look like meaningful headway. It's a bad way to present the #. Dramatic drops just don't show up. Both girls caught on pretty quick. I was proud of that. That and we ran over a squirrel with a Zippo on the way home - so now we're working AGAINST the statistic. Every forest fire I can avoid is a plus.
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