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BOB/GHB/EDC pic thread

Since there has been a fair amount of discussion on BOB/GHB/EDC lately I figured a pic thread was a good idea. A while back we had a EDC thread with great ideas but not a lot of pics. Sometimes it helps new folks to actually see a pack and what it contains. So with that in mind;

Ferro rod
Waterproof matches
Ziplock baggie with 000 steel wool and cotton balls (for use with chapstick)
Magnesium bar firestarter
Micro MTM mask
Quart freezer bag
Extra eye glass cleaning wipe
Rain poncho
Harbor Freight flashlight (free and pretty bright for close in needs)
BG's folding knife (not my main folder, but a back up. Main is a Spyderco Endura)
Hand sanitizer
Spare mag
Maglite XL50
Red sharpie (also doubles as a self defense tool i.e. kubaton)
Multi tool w/sheath
Protein bar and candy bar for sustained/quick energy
Red bandanna
Signal mirror wrapped with duct tape to protect it
2Xmylar space blankets
3xtea candles
First aid kit with 2% tintcure iodine plus normal band aids/bandages
Gerber LMF II
Spare batteries
2X straws
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