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Here's what happened (this info comes second hand): the aquaintence, we'll call him Joe, initially told angry drunk he had the wrong place. Joe proceeded to have a lengthy conversation thru the door (which did not yield) that the guy he was looking for didn't live there, he was calling the police, he had a gun and would use it if the door was forced, etc. Joe made the call and police arrived before things got really ugly. Angry drunk was being egged on by friends in the nearby pool area; don't know if any of them went downtown. No shots were fired, no one was hurt beyond fr***led nerves and lost sleep.

I think I would not have engaged in any conversation beyond telling the guy he had the wrong place. I would've had a G30 in right hand and phone in left calling 911. Apartment was on 2nd floor, door was only way in or out; bailing out a window was not a good option. I think I'd be inclined to shoot if the door had come open but the guy would likely have been unarmed. Shooting an unarmed intruder isn't likely to go well for me. I would rather not shoot unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

I guess we could say Joe did the right thing since he's alive and no one got hurt. The only point I fault him on was conversing thru the door. He has a CCW permit and should know about shoot/don't shoot limits. I think this is his first dose of "reality" outside of the classroom. Hopefully he's learned something for the future.

Thanks for the replies. Seems like most of you are on the same page. Stay safe.
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