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I've got an issue not my Ed Brown.

I've got a two week old Kobra Carry. Gen 3 coating over stainless, Ambi, 10-8 rear sight. Now the problem, my eyes. I got up the other day picked up the Kobra and could not pick up the front sight. Started freaking out inside. After all these years I finally got the weapon I wanted yet I CAN'T SEE THE FRONT SIGHT. I called my opthamologist and see her Weds. for the final word. In the interim I need an option for the front sight. I've called XS about a big dot front. The dovetail cut is the same but the height XS is .285 vs Brown's Trijicon @ .180. Bill at XS, said I would be shooting low at 25 yds but my concern as a retired agent will be within 15 yds.. My last qual was in 98 300/300. That was then and this is now. What's wrong with my eye can't be fixed. Seems I picked up a microbe in S.E. Asia long ago and far away. Now if the Doc tells me it's getting worse I'll have to sell it but if a larger front will fix things I'm good. Someone here has bound to know someone or maybe been through similar problems. I really need your help please.

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