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Originally Posted by vyper005 View Post
I'm pretty sure I will get some grief for this but I keep my 21SF in a small safe next to my bed with the magazines loaded but not in the gun. I've always felt most comfortable and safest doing it this way. Thank God nothing has happened to me or my family for me to test the time it takes to load the pistol and be totally prepared for a confrontation. Just curious, what is the set-up for your bedside gun ?? I've heard some people sleep with a loaded gun underneath their pillow...yikes !!
What is the rational of not keeping the mag in the gun? If there isnt one in the chamber, who cares if the mag is in or out...

Are you worried about your kids grabbing it while you sleep and you want that one extra step?

There is no way in hell I would want to deal with the stress of loading a mag in the dark and chambering a round while being jarred in the middle of the night from a bad guy.
Your Move.
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