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Originally Posted by dpadams6 View Post
Yes, id like to give more credit, until this last election results. More than majority fell for the liberal msm bull****.
I do not believe obummer "won", on the up and up. I believe many "votes" were rigged.
He did not win in any districts where voter ID is required.
MANY precincts reported over 100% of the votes were returned (Ohio and Florida to name the ones I read about). Supposedly EVERY precinct in Philadelphia went 100% for you-know-who. No, I do NOT believe this last "election" was anything of the sort.
Ron Simms was in charge of voting, for King County (Seattle), WA, when the governors race was stolen from a Republican after three recounts, which were not recounts, but had added "found" votes.
When obummer "won" the first time, he promptly put Ron Simms on his cabinet. Most likely figuring 'if a Governor's race can be fixed, why not a Presidency'.
Am I skeptical of the entire system? YES! Heck! I don't hardly watch sprts any, because I think that is all rigged too.
I fear we are doomed.
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