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Some gunowners are our own worst enemies and might as well campaign for the anti-gunners for all the good they do.

How can anyone with a brain cell complain when someone OC's because, "It might get banned". If no one is OCing for that reason, then it already is banned by default. Get a clue.

When someone complains that, "The more people OC, the more complaints there are going to be by scared people." How do think the public will ever get conditioned to see guns as normal if they don't ever get used to seeing them?

When somone says, "I CC and would never OC and you shouldn't either", they are as bad as the liberal politicians who say, "I can own a gun and have bodyguards but you can't." Freedom means not restricting other peoples choices even if you don't agree with them. Don't spout off about being Pro-2A if you don't want people to OC because that would make you a disgusting hypocrite only believing in the 2A as it suits you. Just like Fudds saying they are Pro-2A but don't think people should own ARs or standard capacity magazines.

One of the worst complaints on this thread is that the guy in the news report and everyone else has no conceivable business carrying at all in a school. You are the reason why Pistol-free zones exist and why we now have victim-only zones for mass-murderers!
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