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Air rifle experts????

I'm looking for something I can shoot in my back yard. I live on an acre and a half in the city and have small pesky varmints digging my plants up. I've looked at break barrels, but they seem to be a PITA having to cock and load with each shot. I'm also a half an hour from the nearest range and would love to plink in my backyard everyday. I have lots of room away from neighbors.

Was looking at Gamo whisper's..... I'm spoiled with semi autos!

I am not sure where to post this thread and figured I'd start here. If any of you have any knowledge and experience, I'd greatly appreciate some direction and or links as to where to start.

BB vs .177 .22, CO2, pump, brands, scopes...etc! Any info will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Mods, feel free to move if necessary.

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