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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
One good reason is the same as why you have a permit to carry. Another good reason is the same as why you have the right to keep and bear. Another good reason is the first amendment. another is the second. then the third...

27 pretty good reasons. Why have a right if it's not used or exercised. Give me one good reason why one shouldn't exercise their rights.
I'm 100% for law abiding citizens having the right to carry firearms. However, the majority of the public will NEVER be comfortable with other citizens OPEN CARRYING in public, certainly not public schools where children are. I can carry anywhere here, but choose never to open carry, partially for this reason and more so because its just not sound safe tactics. And I fear that the more open carry there is where citizens call the police (the majority of the time) it will not only be open carry that the lib's target, but ccw as well. And we all know that the msm is definately not on our side on this one.
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