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Originally Posted by pizza_pablo View Post
So, the word "facilities" does not refer to the school building? Huh. I reckon I'll have to contact the state atty general or someone for clarification.
If how you guys have interpreted it is correct I'll be severly bummed.
Thanks to Lord and Citadel, for pointing this out.
I thought I was good to go. So much for reading and knowing your states laws. Between state and fed there is a large myriad to decipher. It should just be Constitutional carry throughout the land. I seriously don't understand how folks think criminals will obey laws.
It's all good here. Better to debate a subject and come out smarter in the end than to find out the hard way that one was wrong. I went ahead and spoke to a couple of attorney friends of mine (one is a retired police officer) and they agree with our interpretation of it. Citadel's breakdown is done very well on it.
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