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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
OP are you talking of Commercial store or Private homes? If your talking private home and the owner has a no guns sign - I'd have no buisness to ever go into or on that property! Even if it was family or a friends home! Commercial property open to anyone and as you said sign has ZERO legal meaning while carring if I absolutely needed to spend my money there I would just go in an would give two craps about there sign! But on the other hand if I could spend my money somewhere else thats what I'd do!
I've never seen a residence with a no gun sign...unless you count the one on this video:

On a serious note, I was referring to businesses. Personally I'm not going to change where I go just because of a sign that means nothing anyway. And I most certainly will still carry, my safety is more important than some corporate policy.

Originally Posted by FourthPointOfContact View Post
Can you imagine the _____storm that would erupt if someone put up a "No Democrats or Liberals" sign on their store's door?
I would...if I had a business. Knowing its just as enforceable as a no guns sign, I can ask them to leave.

Originally Posted by AXaxiom View Post
He already asked you not to come in. now you think its OK unless he asks you to leave.
Do you understand RESPECT?
Originally Posted by Ryobi View Post
Depends on whether I'm in the mood to conduct myself as an adult who can read, or as a societal reject who chooses to ignore, or pretends to be ignorant of, the basic rules of gentlemanly conduct.
Nobody said anything. It's just a sign, most likely up due to some corporate policy. If local management has a problem they are free to say something, but they won't, because its concealed. They don't see it, they don't hear it. But if there is a robbery that goes bad, my bet is the manager would be glad I ignored the sign after I save his life. Am I going to give corporate america the same consideration I'd give to an individual? What have they done to earn such respect? Nothing in my book.

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