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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
...and turned out another polymer framed pistol that is inferior to Glock?

He did that before too- and we all know what a great success those freaky Steyr pistols were.

Dude, you obviously don't own a Steyr. The build quality of my S9A1 makes a Glock blush with embarrassment. The ergonomics are as close to perfect as I have seen too. Steyr's marketing is weak but the gun is awesome. If you think they are "inferior" to Glock just because they don't sell as many guns your logic is seriously flawed. Mr. Bubits could have taken Glock to the next level and kept the competitors at bay but it was not to be. I love my Steyr and when Caracal UAE gets the manufacturing kinks worked out I will own a Caracal C as well.
I'd own a Glock; were it not for Glock owners.
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