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Originally Posted by HKLovingIT View Post
I wonder if Glock and Smith, etc. actually make a ton of money from these department purchases or if its purpose is just for locking in marketing collateral.

They seem to sell them to the departments for peanuts so, just talking out my hole, I would imagine they would each like to get their product in as many departments as possible so they can say "carried by 65% of the nations officers."

I expect they know that that kind of marketing clout will directly influence civilian sales and locations where the officers have to purchase their own firearm.

Anyway, I like the M&P a lot. I have the 45c and 9c. Great pistols.

I'm also glad Smith & Wesson is giving them some solid competition. It's good for everyone when the manufacturers are more motivated.
They make money on accessories and parts supply too, don't forget. Not to mention that mark-up is pretty high. For example, back in the mid-1980s, Colt AR-15s were MSRPed for around $750. Colt sold the M16A2 to Uncle Sam for $135. Steyr AUG was MSRPed for $1200. Steyr reps told me that they'd be willing to sell to Uncle Sam for about $190.

So, a Glock/M&P is MSRP at about $550? They could probably sell the various LEAs for half that and till make money.
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