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Originally Posted by dpadams6 View Post
After all the school shootings across the country. And you think open carrying a gun inside a school amongst school children will help the ccw/cpl cause? Yeah, it sounds good and all "because he stood up for the constitution " and "he was within his legal right ". I can assure you its not helping the cause. Within time and more of this type of incidents occurring, the state legislatures will eventually feel compelled to change the loophole in the law to prevent these people from "trying to prove a point ". stay tuned and soon I will say "I told you so "
So you shouldn't do something that is legal because it may cause the state to outlaw it? Under this thinking there would be nothing lost, since you couldn't carry either way. I guess we should all stop doing private sales since they are chomping at the bit to take that away from us.

I do not OC but that is because I feel like I have an advantage being the "unknown". I DO NOT fault anyone that legally open carries. It is their RIGHT and who am I to say that the should not have that right? I think it is funny (and sad) that our community that is up in arms for our 2A rights want to trample on others' and tell them how to carry. People that scream about the person with a gun and how scared they are need to learn that the guy/girl has every right to have and carry it. Just my .02
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